About Us

Ability Support Plus is a brainchild of a team that embraces independent living, not as a luxury but a necessity.

Our team has been working with NDIS participants for years to build meaningful relationships and enhance capacities to help them realize their full potential. As a disability service provider, we provide a growing, safe environment for all participants to ensure that they are not only able to express themselves freely but are also able to witness their development with full confidence.

The goal is to provide efficient NDIS services, to cater for the needs and requirements of NDIS participants and help them meet their developmental goals. With 10 years of combined experience of providing a premium level of support, the team at Ability Support Plus has established itself as a renowned disability service provider.

Our approach has never been usual, it is a beautiful balance of professionalism and personalization that sets us apart. We come from a background where humanity is worshipped, and every individual is empowered to grow as they please. We understand, and listen to the needs of the NDIS participants, and work closely with them to help them fulfill their goals.
Our team of support workers has been working in a variety of settings. We continue to learn from our own life experiences, and it only strengthens the whole idea of providing the best level of care and support.

When it comes to providing care, we make it personalized and establish ingenuity. However, we are professionals in managing all aspects of the company

Disability support services Melbourne

Ability Support Plus is known to provide expert disability support services in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We work with families, individuals, carers, and community members to support participants who need extensive care in the comfort of their own home or in a shared setting, depending on their needs. If you are a carer or an NDIS participant looking for disability services in Melbourne, look no further than us as we take pride in offering the most reliable disability support services

We work towards our vision to meet the needs of all NDIS participants by being a good listener, and tailoring a support plan to provide efficient disability services in Melbourne.

Your local disability support services provider

Having a local disability service provider in Melbourne opens various doors of opportunities, as you can receive the care you deserve to live your best life, with much more independence and confidence.

At Ability Support Plus, we cater for participants from diverse backgrounds locally in Melbourne. We develop meaningful relationships to ensure that participants are comfortable in receiving disability support services from our support workers.

The reason we work towards providing disability services in Melbourne is because we want to create a safe space for participants in the city we call home, where they can consistently work towards their developmental goals and live as autonomously as possible.

What helps us stand out as a disability services provider

NDIS is thriving and expanding day by day, supporting participants from all walks of life and helping them avail disability support services from specialised providers.

We take a different approach and believe in community over competition. As long as a participant is supported and cared for, we will be content.

As a disability services provider in Melbourne, we have established ourselves as one of the staunch supporters of independence and community participation, as we are here for all things growth and development. We embrace the fact that the future of disability services in Melbourne is quite bright, as more and more participants are getting benefited from the approach. While as a company we strive to cater for the needs of as many participants as possible, we are satisfied with our contribution as an experienced disability support services provider in the lives of Melbournians.

Our approach towards delivering disability support services

Let’s look at our detailed approach that defines our service delivery- this is also why we are rated as one of the most sought-after disability services providers in Melbourne

    • 1. Initial Conversation with NDIS Participants:

It all starts with the old school way of making our participants comfortable. We engage in an initial conversation to first listen and understand their needs and developmental goals, and then put forth our service delivery process as a disability service provider.

This helps them exercise their choice and have control over availing their funded supports in the right manner.

    • 2. Channelising our expertise as a Disability service provider in Melbourne:

Once we understand their requirements, we devise a support plan that is aimed at meeting their developmental needs and goals. This is our way of channelising our expertise and providing them with credible disability support services.

    • 3. Engaging an NDIS support worker:

As per each participant’s tailored support plan, we engage an NDIS support worker who provides them with the disability services they need to take another step closer to living an autonomous life.

All our support workers are highly experienced and have worked in a range of settings with participants having varied levels of needs. Rest assured that Ability Support Plus will support you at every stage of your life as your reliable disability service provider in Melbourne.

    • 4. Helping you exercise choice and control :

As an NDIS participant, you have the right to control your funded supports, and choose your disability support services provider to avail of the supports. Our support workers provide necessary assistance to you so that you can make informed decisions and live as independently as possible

This step-by-step approach not only makes it easy for us to provide you with care, but also helps you make the right choice while choosing your service provider and going forward towards achieving your developmental goals in life.

Get in touch with one of our friendly support workers and we shall be happy to help you.