full living and life skills

Daily Living- Life Skills

Under this support service, we work towards development of daily living and life skills by providing training to NDIS participants and/or their caretakers.

The support workers at Ability Support Plus assist participants in building capacities that allow them to live as autonomously as possible. We believe that if you have the necessary life skills, you are able to shape up your life the way you want it to be.

As diligent supporters of independent living, we encourage our participants to conquer the world and utilise their life skills to live as independently as possible. Our approach towards enhancing a participant’s ability and building capacities is underpinned by our strong work ethic and generosity

NDIS participants are able to undertake activities that enhance their ability to:
  • Take care of their healthcare, track their progress
  • Manage medications, health reports, and prescriptions
  • Maintain a nutritious diet
  • Make smooth transition to a new life stage
  • Manage budget and expenses
  • Being able to utilize mobility aids, and public transport for independent travel