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Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

The focus of this support service is to offer high quality care and support to NDIS participants in a shared environment, so that they are able to do their tasks on their own, in the right manner.

We understand the importance of performing daily tasks independently yet safely, and hence, our support workers will always have your back in managing these tasks. This support service is offered in a shared setting to not only help participants to perform their daily tasks, but also to stay motivated and share growth energies.

We take this service as an opportunity to help you become independent. You are free to avail of as much or as little assistance you need under this support service.

We lay emphasis on the daily, important tasks’ management that are conducted often, which include but are not limited to:
  • Planning your finances, and being on top of your budgeting
  • Tracking your own health, reports, and managing medications
  • Organizing bill payments in time
  • Managing household tasks
  • Grocery shopping
  • Managing your time well
  • Managing work & study effectively