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Experienced NDIS Disability Service Providers

As a trusted and certified NDIS provider in Point Cook, we offer disability services to every eligible NDIS participant. Through the services that we offer, we wish to create an ecosystem where all the NDIS participants would not only lead a safe and comfortable life but thrive towards achieving their individual goals. Our disability support service in Point Cook works towards empowering everyone under our care by offering the kind of support which best caters to their needs.

The scope of our disability support service is not limited to just ensuring the smooth functioning of your everyday life, we try to build capacity in all NDIS participants and become the catalysts for their future growth. With over 10 years of experience in offering NDIS services, we at Ability Support Plus have dedicated ourselves to the overall well-being of those under our care, so that they lead a life devoid of compromises and full of comfort.

As an NDIS provider, we are receptive to the individual needs of every participant and create a plan that aligns completely with the kind of support that they need. We offer as much and as little support, depending on their needs and requirements, so that nowhere along the line their autonomy, safety, and comfort is compromised

Why Choose Ability Support Plus?

A team that has your back for the care & support you need. 

  • We offer end-to-end NDIS support services to make sure you get the right support and care you need
  • We listen, and understand your needs and requirements to devise a personalized support plan as per your NDIS goals
  • We offer a safe environment to NDIS participants and enhance their abilities to live life on their own terms
  • We stand by our values, and put efforts towards our vision by providing efficient support services
  • Our support staff is exposed to a range of environments to ensure that all your needs and requirements are met

Our NDIS Services

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Our goal is to help you make the right decisions for your life so that you are able to live as independently as possible. We help you to maintain your accommodation and tenancy arrangements by liaising with real estate agents, assisting with tenancy applications, undertaking tenancy obligations, and connecting you to concerned authorities to have a stable accommodation.

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Household Tasks

We have you covered for as much or as little assistance you need to carry out the regular household tasks safely, and efficiently. Household tasks demand time and effort, and we understand that you would need expert assistance to cater for them. Our support workers value your health, and provide support with the tasks at home.

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Assist Personal Activities

Under this NDIS support, we enable NDIS participants to live life freely, without stressing out on tedious household tasks that require more than extra effort. Our support workers have been working in a variety of settings to assist eligible NDIS participants with the support they need to carry out personal activities.

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Assist – Travel/Transport

This support service aims at enhancing the abilities of NDIS participants to be able to travel as independently and safely as possible. One of our dedicated support workers will assist you whenever you require assistance to travel to your chosen destination. We take pride in having experienced support workers on board, with an Australian driving license to ensure that you are in safe hands.

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Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

The focus of this support service is to offer high quality care and support to NDIS participants in a shared environment, so that they are able to do their tasks on their own, in the right manner. We understand the importance of performing daily tasks independently yet safely, and hence, our support workers will always have your back in managing these tasks.

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Daily Living- Life Skills

Under this support service, we work towards development of daily living and life skills by providing training to NDIS participants and/or their caretakers. The support workers at Ability Support Plus assist participants in building capacities that allow them to live as autonomously as possible.

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While we believe in providing equal care to all NDIS participants in Point Cook, we don’t think that every individual has similar needs. While giving our hundred percent to everyone under our care, we tailor our services to meet their personal goals and requirements. So, at Ability Support Plus, all your needs will be addressed, and all your personal goals would move towards their fulfillment.

As a disability service provider in Point Cook, we take up the goals of all NDIS participants as our own and give our holistic support to help fulfill them all. We adhere to all our values of kindness, integrity, commitment, reliability and this is all reflected through the kind of service that we provide. For us, every NDIS participant deserves the best care, and therefore we provide them with the support and care of our experienced support workers who will always put the best foot forward to ensure their overall wellbeing.

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Location: Point Cook, VIC Australia. 

Looking for Disability or NDIS Provider in Ndis point cook?

Ability Support Plus: Point Cook's Preferred NDIS Provider

At Ability Support Plus, your search for a trusted NDIS provider in Point Cook comes to an end. Whatever your needs might be and whatever services that you wish to avail, our support workers are there to cater to it all. With us, you or your loved one can continue to lead an autonomous existence within the comfort of your own home without worrying about safety. So, with us no more leading a life of compromises, just to lead a safe existence.
Taking forward the NDIS values of equality and respect, all our services reflect the respect that we have as a community for everyone irrespective of their cultures, choices, or beliefs. For us what matters is your comfort and what we wish is for you to lead an autonomous life and our support workers have dedicated themselves towards these fronts. So, with our support workers, embark on a safe and empowering journey.