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Ability Support Plus NDIS Melton: Empowering Lives, Enriching Communities.

In the vibrant community of Melton, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities, offering them a pathway to independence and empowerment. Among the many organizations making a significant impact on this transformative journey is Ability Support Plus. With our unwavering commitment and innovative approach, Ability Support Plus is unlocking the potential of individuals in the NDIS Melton community, and transforming lives in remarkable ways.

Through a wide range of services and personalized support, we are empowering individuals to discover their unique strengths, overcome challenges, and live their lives to the fullest. Join us on this inspiring journey as we uncover the transformative power of Ability Support Plus NDIS Melton.

Ability Support Plus provides expert disability support services in Melton to participants with NDIS plans. We believe in providing exceptional NDIS services that aid you in all parts of your life, thanks to our highly attentive and sympathetic personnel of providers. Our objective as disability assistance providers is to help and support you when you need it the most.

We work with you to create a meaningful life that you can live on your own to pursue your hobbies and goals. Individuals benefit from our professionals’ development of a safe and loving environment in which they may get individualised services and have control over every element of their lives. We endeavour to provide comprehensive disability support services that are suited to your individual living requirements.

You can rely on us for all of your disability support needs in Melton, since we have over 10 years of experience in working in the NDIS sector. We want to establish solid, mutually beneficial relationships that bring individuals together as a community. Our participation programmes are focused on the values of inclusion, ensuring that everyone is supported and respected in their efforts as unique personalities and as members of the community.

The Impact of NDIS on Individuals with Disabilities

The introduction of the NDIS in Melton has brought about transformative changes in the lives of individuals with disabilities. It has shifted the focus from a fragmented and underfunded system to a person-centered approach that emphasizes choice, control, and independence.

  • Increased Access to Services: Ability Support NDIS Melton has expanded the availability of services and supports for individuals with disabilities. We have created opportunities for individuals to access therapies, assistive technologies, personal care services, employment support, and more.
  • Choice and Control: The NDIS empowers individuals with disabilities to have greater control over their lives. Participants can choose their service providers, decide on the support they receive, and actively participate in decision-making processes related to their care and support plans.
  • Tailored Support: Ability Support NDIS Melton recognizes that each individual has unique goals and needs. Offers personalized support plans that are tailored to the specific requirements of each participant. This ensures that individuals receive the support that is most beneficial to their circumstances, enhancing their chances of achieving their goals.
  • Community Engagement and Inclusion: Ability Support NDIS Melton promotes community engagement and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. It encourages participation in community activities, social events, and recreational opportunities, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing social isolation.
How Ability Support Plus ensures personalized and effective support
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment: Ability Support Plus conducts a thorough needs assessment for each participant in NDIS Melton, taking into account their specific disabilities, strengths, goals, and support requirements. This assessment forms the basis for developing personalized support plans.
  • Collaborative Goal Setting: Ability Support Plus actively involves participants in goal-setting processes, encouraging their input and preferences. By working collaboratively, we ensure that the goals align with the participant’s aspirations, empowering them to actively pursue their desired outcomes.
  • Experienced and Compassionate Support Workers: Ability Support Plus is a team of highly skilled and compassionate support workers who are experienced in providing disability support services. We build trusting relationships with participants, understanding their individual needs and delivering support with empathy and respect.
The Role of Support Workers in the Transformation Process

Support workers play a pivotal role in the transformation process of individuals with disabilities, providing vital assistance, guidance, and care. In NDIS Melton, Ability Support Plus recognizes the significance of support workers and offers comprehensive services to ensure individuals receive the support they need. 

  • Personalized Care and Support: Support workers at Ability Support Plus provide personalized care and support to individuals with disabilities in NDIS Melton. We understand the unique needs, preferences, and goals of each participant, tailoring their approach to ensure the provision of individualized care.
  • Emotional Support: Support workers offer emotional support to individuals with disabilities, creating a compassionate and supportive environment. We listen to participants, provide empathy, and offer encouragement, helping them overcome challenges and maintain their mental well-being.
  • Skill Development: Support workers facilitate skill development for individuals in NDIS Melton. We work closely with participants, identifying areas for improvement, and providing guidance and training to enhance their skills, whether in daily living tasks, communication, or social interactions.
Why Choose Ability Support Plus?

A team that has your back for the care & support you need. 

  • We offer end-to-end NDIS support services to make sure you get the right support and care you need
  • We listen, and understand your needs and requirements to devise a personalized support plan as per your NDIS goals
  • We offer a safe environment to NDIS participants and enhance their abilities to live life on their own terms
  • We stand by our values, and put efforts towards our vision by providing efficient support services
  • Our support staff is exposed to a range of environments to ensure that all your needs and requirements are met

Our NDIS Services



Our goal is to help you make the right decisions for your life so that you are able to live as independently as possible. We help you to maintain your accommodation and tenancy arrangements by liaising with real estate agents, assisting with tenancy applications, undertaking tenancy obligations, and connecting you to concerned authorities to have a stable accommodation.

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Household Tasks

We have you covered for as much or as little assistance you need to carry out the regular household tasks safely, and efficiently. Household tasks demand time and effort, and we understand that you would need expert assistance to cater for them. Our support workers value your health, and provide support with the tasks at home.

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Assist Personal Activities

Under this NDIS support, we enable NDIS participants to live life freely, without stressing out on tedious household tasks that require more than extra effort. Our support workers have been working in a variety of settings to assist eligible NDIS participants with the support they need to carry out personal activities.

public transport

Assist – Travel/Transport

This support service aims at enhancing the abilities of NDIS participants to be able to travel as independently and safely as possible. One of our dedicated support workers will assist you whenever you require assistance to travel to your chosen destination. We take pride in having experienced support workers on board, with an Australian driving license to ensure that you are in safe hands.

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Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

The focus of this support service is to offer high quality care and support to NDIS participants in a shared environment, so that they are able to do their tasks on their own, in the right manner. We understand the importance of performing daily tasks independently yet safely, and hence, our support workers will always have your back in managing these tasks.

ability life skills

Daily Living- Life Skills

Under this support service, we work towards development of daily living and life skills by providing training to NDIS participants and/or their caretakers. The support workers at Ability Support Plus assist participants in building capacities that allow them to live as autonomously as possible.

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We understand that everyone has different needs, therefore we design our programmes and support plans to match those needs. We take into account your medical history as well as your lifestyle needs and adapt our disability support in Melton to fit those needs so that you may live a happy and independent life. Our friendly and highly-educated staff works hard to ensure that you are able to fully utilize any and every opportunity that arises. Nothing is impossible to achieve with the utmost care provided in our nurturing and supporting environments.

Our services are also extended to your home as we work with your NDIS service provider to offer you the continual comfort and personalised care that you need. As an NDIS participant, we understand that applying for Disability support is an important step in ensuring your well-being, which is why we want to assist you in making the most of it!

Our experts find the perfect balance of attentiveness and competence to guarantee that your success remains our top focus. You can rely on us for real support that is recognised and delivered for you without your saying.

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