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Community Participation

Active community participation acts as an opportunity to grow, learn, and explore to come closer to fulfilling your NDIS goals. The team at Ability Support Plus encourages NDIS participants to participate in the community and live as independently as possible. We will make sure that you make the most of the community activities that are in alignment with your developmental goals. Community participation is a proven activity, rather a therapy that helps participants in so many ways. It acts as a learning curve in their lives since it offers a lot more than what is anticipated- including but not limited to enhanced communication skills, sense of belongingness, socialising skills, and personality development.

We assist and encourage NDIS participants to step out of their comfort zone and unleash their true potential.

Our support workers will assist you with:
  • Being a part of community activities
  • Pursuing your hobby
  • Participating in social groups
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Partake in learning groups, or join educational courses

Connect to the world with NDIS community participation program

The NDIS community participation support is a wonderful gift to the lives of disabled people and their families. Humans are social beings, and connecting with this world is critical. If you believe your life is becoming difficult to live with disability, the NDIS community participation service is for you.

We at Ability Support Plus offer NDIS Community Participation that can rejuvenate and refresh the minds of disabled people. We encourage the disability community members’ presence in various social activities in order to make them happy souls. If you would like to know how the NDIS community participation program makes a difference in disability people’s lives, keep scrolling down.

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What is included in NDIS community participation?

Ability Support Plus has designed a unique and useful program that is highly advantageous in learning life skills. Depending on our participants’ interests and goals, we make them explore and engage in the following social activities.

  • Participation in sports, arts, and other social activities
  • Attend educational institutions or courses that they are interested in.
  • Vacation planning to your preferred location
  • Attending concerts or plays, as well as watching movies,
  • Join a camp with your friends.

Benefits from NDIS community participation

There are several benefits to community participation. So, no matter what your state of mind is, it is always advisable to interact with community members as it enhances your quality of life.

  • Independence: NDIS community participation is a great opportunity to move freely and interact with your fellow people more independently. The feeling that moving freely and talking openly gives you the utmost pleasure.
  • Enhance social skills: Participating in various social activities will enhance your social skills and improve your communication and relationships with your community.
  • Remedy for mental disorders: People with disabilities are more likely to develop depression, anxiety, and dementia due to loneliness and isolation for quite a long time. Persistent engagement with the community resolved all these mental issues and prevented them from further attacking you.
  • Positive living: Continuously engaging with people will build confidence and result in developing positive attitudes towards your life. A positive lifestyle makes your life easier.
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Why should you choose us over others?

Everything is top-notch, From planning to execution, we are different from others, more unique than all our competitors. If you ask us why we should choose you instead of other options that we have, the following are the answers.

  • With our NDIS community participation program, you have complete freedom to choose the nature of social activities, be it individual, group or public. It’s your choice.
  • Since we are a NDIS provider, you can trust us and recommend us to others without any trust issues.
  • Our first priority is the comfort and safety of our participants.
  • We accompany our participants and we are responsible for providing transportation facilities.

Ability Support Plus Community Participation Program

Ability Support Plus is committed to providing the NDIS Community Participation program to offer people with disabilities a beautiful life. Our vision is to set you free from your own limitations, and our mission is to enable you to live your life as you like with assistance from our community participation program. Feel free to contact us for further information. Don’t hesitate to fill out the contact us form.