Accommodation/ Tenancy

Our goal is to help you make the right decisions for your life so that you are able to live as independently as possible. We help you to maintain your accommodation and tenancy arrangements by liaising with real estate agents, assisting with tenancy applications, undertaking tenancy obligations, and connecting you to concerned authorities to have a stable accommodation

At Ability Support Plus, we make every effort to ensure a safe accommodation for NDIS Participants so that they can have the peace of mind they deserve.

We understand the importance of having a stable accommodation, and the tranquility that follows. Our aim is to stimulate the growth of NDIS participants, which is only possible when everything at the ground level is in place.

Our experienced support workers support you, guide you, and/or undertake activities to ensure that accommodation of eligible NDIS participants is maintained for a long-term.

All our support workers are great listeners, hence, they sit back and listen to the home and living goals of the participants and make all possible arrangements to help them achieve those

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