Assist Personal Activities

Assist Personal Activities

Under this NDIS support, we enable NDIS participants to live life freely, without stressing out on tedious household tasks that require more than extra effort. Our support workers have been working in a variety of settings to assist eligible NDIS participants with the support they need to carry out personal activities.

It is essential to be on top of your personal activities, when you are focusing on planning and achieving your goals! We help you take care of these basic- yet important tasks in the comfort of your home. We are equipped with all the necessary resources to help you conduct personal activities in a better manner. We understand the importance of a smooth routine, and therefore, ensure that all your requirements are looked after well.

We have learnt to channelise our resources in such a way that NDIS participants are always satisfied with the level of care they receive from our support workers.

The team at Ability Support Plus will be happy to provide assistance for the tasks including but not limited to:
  • Meal preparation and delivery
  • Cleaning, gardening, laundry, and ironing
  • Showering, bathing, and grooming, etc.
  • Being on top of the Medical bills, prescriptions, etc
  • Using mobility, and other aids & utility appliances at home
  • Taking care of personal hygiene, and other personal tasks

Ability Support Plus Assist Personal Activities To Ease Your Daily Life.

NDIS participants have the right to live freely, safely and get NDIS services that assist personal activities from the caregivers they choose. This is more than just service, the main goal is to make them live the life freely and independently that they always wanted to live. All NDIS participants now have an opportunity to get the service they need at their homes. Ability Support Plus helps you become more independent in your daily activities.

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Get the best and most exclusive Assist Personal Activities service

We at Ability Support Plus offer more personal assistance to make you more flexible and independent with your daily activities. Our programme is more customised and ideal for NDIS participants, designed according to the participants’ needs, end goals, outcomes, and preferences. We have teamed up with the most professional and friendly team that helps and ensures your daily life is more enjoyable and achievable.

What you can expect from our assist personal activities programme

People with disabilities need special care and attention. If you are looking for a service that can assist personal activities faithfully and addresses the individual needs of NDIS participants, then we suggest you choose Ability Support Plus. We assist and support NDIS participants from the start of the day till its end with everything they need. Our assisted personal activities program includes the following daily tasks:

  • Assist with bowel management.
  • Help with brushing, bathing, dressing, and other personal hygiene tasks
  • Help with eating and drinking
  • Assist you with self-care
  • Assisting with the use of hearing aids and other communication devices
  • Arranging the medical appointments
  • Addressing almost all individual daily household activities.
  • Assist with exploring hobbies and interests that make you happier.
  • Emotional support and building confidence.

With Ability Support Plus support and care, your life will become simpler and more meaningful.

Why should you choose us over others to assist personal activities?

We are the best choice in terms of quality and support. We are favourites and friends of many NDIS participants. The following features of Ability Support Plus will give you clarity on why you should choose us.

  • Our team is highly experienced and helpful with all your daily activities and needs.
  • All our staff are certified and have undergone the proper training in order to offer you safety support.
  • We strictly follow the NDIS guidelines while assisting the NDIS participants.
  • We encourage NDIS participants to learn the skills and techniques to achieve their goals.
  • Consider Ability Support Plus if you are looking for a service that can Assist Personal Activities.

Ability Support Plus

Ability Support Plus is one of the most reputable and most trustworthy services to assist personal activities. We have been the top choice for Assisting of Personal Activities. If you have been looking for services that assist personal activities, you can rely on us. Feel free to contact us. Don’t hesitate to fill up the contact us form.