Home Care Services Provider Melbourne, VIC

With our home care service in Melbourne, we turn your safe haven into a place where you or your loved one would be cared for and given the independence to live their life to the fullest. We believe that the right kind of care provides round-the-clock attention but also ample space to live one’s life the way one wishes to.

Round-the-Clock Home Care Service

Our home care service works along these lines and creates a balance between the two so that one doesn’t feel like they are not being properly cared for in our care nor feel overly restrained. Basically, under our care one will always feel at home.

What is Home Care Service ?

Home care service is a health care service that provides professional support to everyone under its care to ensure that they get to live a comfortable life within the safety of their homes. Through professional caregivers, they aim to provide all-around assistance to people in need owing to their age, some chronic illness, or other disabilities, without them having to leave their homes to seek support. Under home care service, an experienced caregiver comes into your household, cares for the person in need, keeps them company, and ensures that everything around them functions as they desire without any obstruction to their normal routine.

Home care services include:

Assistance in daily household activities.

Ensuring the proper functioning of the household.

Travel assistance.

Companionship for the person in need.

Short and long-term Nursing Professional Care

Why Choose us as your Home Care Service Provider in Melbourne?

When it comes to care, you or your dear ones only deserve the best. And with our home care services, this is the kind of care we offer. Our home care assistants are trained to be empathetic companions who will ensure that everyone under our care has a comfortable, peaceful, and enjoyable ride ahead. Even in the absence of an actual family, we help create a family-like environment, keeping loneliness and discomfort at bay.

Complete Household Assistance

For us, home care service is also about providing help to ensure the proper working of your home. From cleaning, cooking to purchasing groceries our experienced home care assistants provide proper assistance for it all. But how much household assistance is given would be left completely to your choice. If you desire certain agency in these matters and wish to run your house with your own hands, or perform certain tasks yourself, you will be given the space to do that. With us, your wishes will never be challenged but be given proper value.

A stable and lively Environment

We aim to provide a stable, healthy, and lively environment for everyone who opts for our home care service in Melbourne. Our home care assistants would assist you in your daily activities and provide you with a companion with whom you can interact and share the little laughs and joys of your everyday life. For us, your care is not just a work that we undertake, but a cause towards which we have dedicated ourselves with utmost sincerity.

Kind and Empathetic Home Care Assistants

We believe that to ensure your healthy and happy stay under our home care service, your home should be filled with the kindness and empathy of our home care assistants. We don’t send you in the care of not just somebody but a caregiver who would take care of you or your family as one would take care of their own. In the shadow of their kindness and empathetic behavior, you would feel at home and see your life becoming more comfortable every day.

Travel Assistance

We understand that being cooped up in your for the entire day can be quite frustrating. So, to ensure such frustration doesn’t come knocking at your door, our home care service provides proper travel assistance to everyone under our care. So, if you wish to go for a walk, visit a library, museum, or any other place of your choice, or even wish to go for a small trip, our home care assistants would accompany you and ensure safe travel.

Personalized Care

We at Ability Support Plus know that every person has their individual needs. And through our home care service in Melbourne, we aim to cater to all these individual needs. From us, you can expect personalized care where all your needs would be taken care of the way you expect them to be. For us, your comfort is our first priority, so under our care, you would never feel neglected but always properly cared for.

Why Choose Home Care Service over Other Care Options?

Today, several care options are available out there including residential care. But which one is the best for you or your loved one?  We would definitely go with home care? Why? To answer this, let’s have a look at why you should choose home care service over other care options.

  1. With our home care services in Melbourne, you get to recover or age within the comfort of your home. So, no worries about having to adapt to a completely alien environment. 
  2. With home care service you can keep your everyday routine going. You can keep on visiting the parks and libraries of your neighborhood the way you always have.
  3. Under home care service, you have the independence to do things that you wish to with a caregiver ensuring your safety. 

Home care service is more cost-effective, it is 75 % cheaper and more convenient than residential care.

In case you have any more questions regarding our home care service, feel free to contact us any time and we would be happy to help you out.