Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme is an initiative to empower people with a significant disability by helping them avail of the support and care they require to live as independently as possible, and achieve their life goals.

To be eligible for NDIS, following are the conditions that must align with you/your current situation

  • Have a significant disability that refrains you to participate in the community actively, reduces your ability to carry out certain tasks, etc.,
  • Be an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or hold a Protected Special Category Visa and,
  • Be under 65 years of age.

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The NDIS covers funding of a range of support services, equipment, etc. This includes funding to avail of therapies, travel transport, assistive technology, mobility equipment, communication assistance, accommodation assistance, attending to workshops, etc, that helps them achieve their NDIS development goals.

The aim of NDIS is to support participants with:

  • Maintaining independent lifestyle
  • Enhancing their skills
  • Achieving their goals
  • Maintaining employment and/or starting work

 However, NDIS does not provide funding for support if it is not relevant to a disability, or if a participant is already availing of a similar support. NDIS also does not fund the usual daily expenses, or provides income as they are catered for by other systems.

As an NDIS participant, you receive funding for the support services that you require as per your individual needs. You will receive as much funding as you would need depending on your NDIS plan, which means there is no specific amount for the same.

The funded supports can be managed by a plan manager, or you can choose to do it yourself. The latter is called self-management. Another option is to choose NDIA to manage your funding plan. You can either choose any one of the above options, or a combination of three. If you want a Registered NDIS Provider to manage the plan for you, it should be included in your NDIS plan.

Yes, you have full control and choice over your NDIS plan. You can choose different service providers to assist you with different support services as per your needs.


NDIS funding does not impact Centrelink payments, or any other income support as provided by the government. (For eg. Disability Support Pension & Carers Allowance)

The core supports include the following categories:

  • Assistance in buying everyday products like continence aids.
  • Support with personal care activities.
  • Assistance to help with proactive participation in the community.
  • Transportation/travel support if required due to a disability.

The funds allocated to a specific support category can be used for another one too, considering that they have not been allocated for a defined purpose/support category.

We offer a range of support services to eligible NDIS participants:


Household Tasks

Assist Personal Activities

Assist – Travel/Transport

 Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

 Daily Living- Life Skills

 Community Participation

 Assist – Life Stages, Transition and Support

If you are not happy with your NDIS plan due to any wrong information, or want to review your plan you can reach out to the NDIS Help Line or your Local area coordinator.