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NDIS SUNSHINE: Illuminating lives, one support beam at a time!

Welcome to Ability Support Sunshine Disability Services, a leading provider of comprehensive support and empowerment for individuals with disabilities in the Sunshine area. As an approved NDIS provider, we are committed to enhancing independence and transforming lives through our specialized program.

Our person-centered approach, tailored care plans, and collaborative partnerships ensure that our participants receive the utmost support and access to a wide range of services. From our Sunshine Home Support to skill development programs and community engagement initiatives, we are dedicated to breaking barriers, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

Our assistance and support staff create a holistically helpful environment in which you may achieve your employment goals while also forming an enriching social network. We believe in aiding you in building meaningful relationships with our NDIS services. With more than 10 years of expertise in this field, we understand how each person is unique and deserves unique assistance. We emphasize the fundamentals of inclusion and respect so that everyone feels adequately supported.

Breaking Barriers: Accessibility and Inclusion Initiatives in Sunshine

At Ability Support Plus Sunshine Disability Services, we are dedicated to breaking barriers and promoting accessibility and inclusion for individuals with disabilities in the Sunshine area. Through our comprehensive range of services.

  • Enhancing Accessibility: One of our key initiatives is Sunshine Home Support, where we assist individuals with disabilities in their daily living activities. Our dedicated support workers are trained to ensure that participants have access to a safe and comfortable living environment. We prioritize accessibility modifications.
  • Promoting Inclusion and Empowerment: Our flagship program goes beyond traditional disability assistance. It focuses on fostering inclusion and empowering individuals to maximize their potential. Through Ability Support Plus NDIS Sunshine, we provide a range of supports tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of our participants.
  • Collaborative Partnerships for Inclusive Support: At Ability Support Sunshine Disability Services, we recognize the importance of collaborative partnerships in achieving our accessibility and inclusion goals. We work closely with families, caregivers, and other stakeholders to ensure a holistic support system.

Understanding Ability Support Plus

Ability Support Plus Sunshine Disability Services is an organization that provides disability support services, specifically in the Sunshine area. We offer a range of services to individuals with disabilities to help them lead independent and fulfilling lives. 

  • Home Support: This refers to assistance provided to individuals in their own homes. It may include personal care, household chores, meal preparation, and other activities of daily living. Ability Support Sunshine Disability Services have dedicated staff members who visit participants’ homes and provide the necessary support.
  • Community Participation: This involves enabling individuals to actively engage in their communities and participate in social, recreational, and educational activities. Ability Support Sunshine Disability Services organize group outings, workshops, and events that encourage community involvement and social interaction.
  • Respite Care: Respite care offers temporary relief and support to caregivers of individuals with disabilities. Ability Support Sunshine Disability Services offers respite services, providing caregivers with a break while ensuring that the person with a disability receives the necessary care and support during that time.

Tips for navigating the NDIS Sunshine system

Among the various NDIS service providers operating in Coburg, Ability Support Plus stands out as a leading organization that strives to offer exceptional services to NDIS participants.

When navigating the NDIS system in the Sunshine area and seeking support from organizations like Ability Support Sunshine Disability Services, here are some tips to consider:

  • Determine eligibility: The first step is to check your eligibility for the NDIS. You can visit the NDIS website or contact Ability Support directly to inquire about the eligibility criteria and process. 
  • Understand your needs: Take some time to assess your needs and goals. Identify the areas where you require support, such as home assistance, community participation, skill development, or respite care. This will help you communicate your requirements effectively to Sunshine Disability Services and develop an individualized support plan.
  • Research service providers: Look for reputable disability service providers in the Sunshine area, such as Ability Support Sunshine Disability Services. Explore our website.
  • Contact: Reach out to Disability Services directly to discuss your needs and inquire about the services they offer. We can provide detailed information about our programs, available supports, and the process of accessing NDIS funding. We also assist you in navigating the NDIS system, including preparing for assessments and developing a support plan.

Our NDIS Disability Support Services

Accommodation/ Tenancy


Our goal is to help you make the right decisions for your life so that you are able to live as independently as possible. We help you to maintain your accommodation and tenancy arrangements by liaising with real estate agents, assisting with tenancy applications, undertaking tenancy obligations, and connecting you to concerned authorities to have a stable accommodation.

household tasks

Household Tasks

We have you covered for as much or as little assistance you need to carry out the regular household tasks safely, and efficiently. Household tasks demand time and effort, and we understand that you would need expert assistance to cater for them. Our support workers value your health, and provide support with the tasks at home.

disable child help

Assist Personal Activities

Under this NDIS support, we enable NDIS participants to live life freely, without stressing out on tedious household tasks that require more than extra effort. Our support workers have been working in a variety of settings to assist eligible NDIS participants with the support they need to carry out personal activities.

aid child in travel

Assist – Travel/Transport

This support service aims at enhancing the abilities of NDIS participants to be able to travel as independently and safely as possible. One of our dedicated support workers will assist you whenever you require assistance to travel to your chosen destination. We take pride in having experienced support workers on board, with an Australian driving license to ensure that you are in safe hands.

shopping for home

Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

The focus of this support service is to offer high quality care and support to NDIS participants in a shared environment, so that they are able to do their tasks on their own, in the right manner. We understand the importance of performing daily tasks independently yet safely, and hence, our support workers will always have your back in managing these tasks.

ability life skills

Daily Living- Life Skills

Under this support service, we work towards development of daily living and life skills by providing training to NDIS participants and/or their caretakers. The support workers at Ability Support Plus assist participants in building capacities that allow them to live as autonomously as possible.

Ability Support Plus:

If you are in the Sunshine area and seeking disability support services, Ability Support Sunshine Disability Services can assist you in navigating the NDIS system. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and develop an individualized support plan. Take the first step towards a more independent and fulfilling life by reaching out to Ability Support Sunshine Disability Services now.